Liturgical Colors Catholic

The Roman Catholic Church recognizes officially only six liturgical colors, but the comunities genereally use only four, do you know why? 

Well, first let’s reveal the colors that they are: White, Purple, Red, Green, Black and Pink (yes, pink is a liturgical color!) The church is not as biased as you think!

Now, let’s get to it …

As we said at the beginning the Churches generally use only the first four colors (White, Purple, Red and Green) for one simple reason …

The Pink color is used only in two celebrations in the year, the 4th Sunday of Lent and the 3rd Sunday of Advent (also known as the Sunday of joy)

Already the black color is used at Mass for All Souls Day (November 2nd) and in the masses with this body, the latter over the years has left to be done in some communities, myself, have never witnessed one and hope I never have to witness!

And to facilitate … The colors Black and Pink, can be replaced by the color Purple. So as our communities are mostly simple, not worth spending money to make a hell of vestments to be worn only twice a year, so they prefer to simply use the color Purple in their place.

It is worth emphasizing that the Church in Brazil uses the liturgical colors according to the time since it is a request CNBB, however, there is some Brazilian Churches which follow the same custom (tradition) of European Churches, ie use the color white in Altar of the year, regardless of the time she is experiencing.

Meaning of Colors:

White – peace, joy, celebration

Used in the celebrations of Saints non-martyrs, in the Feasts of the Lord and Our Lady.

Purple – Penance pain

Used on Sundays of Lent (except the 4th Sunday, where we use the color pink) and Advent (except the 3rd Sunday, where we use the color pink), can replace the colors Black and Pink, if the community does not have vestments these respective colors.

Red – Fire, Blood and the Holy Spirit

Used in Masses in which we remember the Holy Spirit (Pentecost and Confirmation) and the masses we remember the martyrs (Saints who died defending the Church as St. Peter and St. Paul).

Green – The color of hope

Used in masses of ordinary time.

Pink – Joy

Used only on the 4th Sunday of Lent and the 3rd Sunday of Advent. Failing that, we can use the color Purple, as spoken earlier.

Black – Mourning

Used in All Souls Mass and Masses in person. It can also be replaced by Purple group.

This is the Catholic liturgical calendar of the year:

liturgical year


Well that’s it … hope you enjoyed!

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Anderson Borges

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